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Handling Media Inquiries

With more and more people discovering the life-changing potential of the ACN Opportunity and with an upcoming appearance on a prime-time television show – The Celebrity Apprentice – media interest in our company and the products and opportunity we offer, is at an all-time high. We know that many representatives have been approached recently from members of the media.

Members of the media include journalists, camera crews, television reporters, and newspaper or magazine reporters. Under no circumstances are ACN representatives permitted to represent or discuss ACN as a company to any members of the media.

If a representative is approached by a member of the media, their response should not deviate from one of the following:

“I am an Independent Representative of ACN, not an employee, therefore I am not authorized to speak on behalf of the company. Please contact ACN directly at (704) 260-3000, or email mediacontacts@acninc.com to get your inquiry addressed by an authorized member of the company. If you need immediate media information regarding ACN, please visit www.acnpresskit.com.”


"I am an Independent Representative and not an employee and therefore I am not authorized to speak on the company’s behalf.  Please contact ACN directly – their website is www.acnpresskit.com, where you will find their press kit and media contact information.  They will be happy to address your questions."

You may download and print this script here

You may:

  • Talk about your personal experience with ACN
  • Share your story as an individual

You may not:

  • Comment or discuss anything to do with ACN the company, its products, its services, or the ACN Opportunity
  • Make any claims regarding income or earnings that the ACN Opportunity can provide
  • Make any false, exaggerated or misleading claims about the ACN Opportunity or the products and services offered by ACN
  • Make any comments that will lead them to believe that you are an authorized contact to represent the company
Be aggressive or violent with any members of the media, as this will reflect badly on the company as a whole.

Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means.

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