“Failure is the path of least persistence”
Greg Provensano, ACN President & Co-Founder

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Jocelynn Hansen
Regional Director
President's Club Member

Brad and Bonnie Brad and Bonnie Robinson
Regional Directors
President's Club Members
Peter House Peter House
Regional Director
President's Club Member
Sheila Sheila Hansen
Team Coordinator
John Collins

John Collins
Regional Director

Mike Hansen
Team Coordinator
  Laura Collins
Team Coordinator
  Craig & Tracy Monk
Team Coordinators
  Mark Bishop & Jane Simpson
Team Coordinators



JocelynnJocelynn Hansen
Regional Director, President's Club Member

"I grew up in a small town just North of Brighton, Ontario. Some of the most exciting highlights of my life growing up as a child was riding a mini-bike at the age of 4. Joining a karate class at the age of 8 and receiving a junior black belt at the age of 13. In high school, I raised money for cancer and cut my long hair off so that I could give it to the children who had no hair because of their cancer treatments.

My personal drive that keeps me motivated in this business is my parents for whom I will retire at an early age.

At the age of 20, I joined my parents in their clinic as their full time laser therapist. Working in the clinic gave me an opportunity to help so many individuals regain their health and quality of life. At age 22, I was introduced to the ACN opportunity. I had absolutely no network marketing or telecom experience. In just a little over a year I reached the position of Team Coordinator and am now working the ACN business full time. ACN is a company of integrity and heart. Having great mentors in this company has made it easy for me to develop personally as well as gain the knowledge required to build my organization.

My personal drive that keeps me motivated in this business is my parents whom I will retire at an early age. Also the love and support from my boyfriend Tony.

I am proud to say that I have attained my goal of becoming the youngest female Regional Director in North America. My focus is to build a large organization and in doing so helping thousands of people reach their life long goals and dreams in a shorter period of time."

JocelynnPeter House
Regional Director - President's Club Member

I have been a mortgage broker for 17 years and I always believed that I was in a recession proof profession.  In good times and in bad times people are always looking for money.

When I was asked to look at the ACN business plan about a year ago I had no interest due to the fact that I was extremely busy with my mortgage business.  Nine months later I was asked again and due to the struggling mortgage industry influenced by the collapse of the US economy, I was open to listen.

I did not deviate and followed everything the system told me to do.

I had no idea where I was going to find the time to build this business as I was already involved as the President of the Quinte Home Builders Association, sitting on the Board of directors for UCB Canada (Christian Radio Station), involved with the Rotary Club of Belleville, sitting on the Mortgage Advisory Board for AIG Insurance Canada as well as on the Deacons' board of our church.  But I needed to find something to earn additional income. 

I knew after listening to the first ACN presentation that this was something I could do.  With the love and support of my wife Debra my ACN business began and all I did was to follow the ACN system.  I did not deviate and followed everything the system told me to do.  I did not have time to waste. I had a lot of family and staff counting on my financial support.

In all of my working career I have never seen anything that will touch the ACN income potential.  The results will depend on the time and effort you put forth.  I had the why to build the business and it has been a fast ride.  I wish the best to all who choose to build an ACN business.  It is exciting and rewarding.  Just think, do the job once and get paid over and over again.  It’s great.

Brad and BonnieBrad and Bonnie Robinson
Regional Director and President's Club Member

I was self-employed for twenty-six years in the construction field and Bonnie worked in the travel industry. At one time we had seven businesses on our plate. Time is a precious non-renewable commodity that most of us take for granted. We were hoping that some day we could pull back and enjoy what life had to offer and have a level of financial stability. As the years went by we realized that all we were doing was trading time for money and that it was taking more and more time to make less and less money.

A friend from our church approached us and asked if we wanted to save some money and make some money on our household bills. So we got together and saw the opportunity. We knew that we would have to do something different if we were to retire one day. Another friend in the financial investment field sat at our kitchen table and informed us as to when Bonnie could possibly retire and that I had to die to retire. We knew that if this business had been done before than we could do it too. It was then that I decided to go the distance and build a residual income business in an industry that I know nothing about. With total commitment and a proven track to run on I jumped on board and started the journey. At that time 6 hours per week was all that I could put into our new venture and with commitment, persistence and a desire to win the team started to come together.


...I had to die to retire. Well, that plan didn't excite me very much... ”

I reached the position of ETT and ETL quickly and that's when Bonnie came on board. Having experienced some success and knowing that we could do this I closed my construction company and went full time. We were excited to help others get on track and work toward reaching their goals. In just 11 months we reached the position of TC. We believed this opportunity would get our family free while helping more people do the same thing. Bonnie continued working in the tour industry with our daughter in law up until December of 2011 when she joined me as a full time partner in what has proven to be the best financial decision of our lives. We have met more people with the same mindset, wanting the same results in changing the course of their families' lives. It is so exciting working alongside happy, ambitious and motivated people.

The credibility and integrity of the cofounders of ACN is second to none. These four gentlemen have such caring hearts for people and such a drive to see everyone succeed in life. Through their inspiration and example our lives have changed and continue to change daily. The system that they have put together is the track and ACN is the train but it is up to each of us to get on the train and take the ride of your lives.

We understand that being successful takes a commitment level partnered with total persistence. You need to have a reason, a goal, a dream or whatever you want to call it that burns so hot that what ever obstacles pop up you keep on keeping on. You have to want something in your life that fuels you to get out there and help someone. My driving force is my wife and partner Bonnie and our grandkids and knowing that when they grow up they will have a life that some will only think about.

We believe this business is a gift of unprecedented proportion and we must use it or lose it. So please let us encourage you to make your why so great, so captivating that it will make you cry. Now go and get on the train and build it. You have what it takes. Just remember to never, never, never give up because that's when you lose. Thanks to our team because its teamwork that makes the dream work and we are so proud to be associated with the other dreamers pursuing freedom. As Bonnie says, "This pin is for the team. Go for your dreams and don't let anything get in your way. You can do it"!

Thank you, Brad and Bonnie

JocelynnSheila Hansen
Team Coordinator

My husband and I have a Wellness Centre in Belleville, Ontario. I am a full time Laser Therapist and have the privilege of working with my husband Michael who is a Registered Massage Therapist. We work extremely long hours in our centre.

There is nothing more gratifying than helping our patients, through various treatments, regain a better quality of life. We are blessed with two beautiful children, our son Branden and our daughter Jocelynnn who have enriched our lives with unconditional love and laughter. We are infinitely proud of our children and have always supported them in their future endeavors.

It will enable us to spend more quality time with our loved ones and our friends. Most importantly it will open a new door to helping others achieve their goals and dreams. After all, isn't life really all about helping others.

I thank "God" every day for his many blessings. One of those blessings came into our lives as the story unfolds. A gentleman by the name of Lyle Webb invited our daughter Jocelynn to a Tuesday evening meeting held at the Ramada Inn. She came home from the meeting with excitement in her voice.

All she talked about was this incredibly amazing leader named Franco LoFranco. He shared with her an "UNBELIEVABLE" opportunity of a lifetime. At the age of 21 she had no credibility, no network marketing experience and no telecom background. What Jocelynn saw was the ACN vision. At age 23, with great team leaders, Jocelynn has built a massive organization in Canada and the U.S. and growing.

Thank You Jocelynn for bringing ACN into our lives. It will give Michael and me a huge start to early retirement. It will enable us to spend more quality time with our loved ones and our friends. Most importantly it will open a new door to helping others achieve their goals and dreams. After all, isn't life really all about helping others?

We are extremely proud to be part of the ACN Legacy.


CollinsJohn Collins
Regional Director

What an amazing journey ACN has been thus far! The best is yet to come!
I was introduced to the business about 9 months ago by Peter House and quite frankly did not really understand what I was getting involved in but I loved the fact that Peter was busting with excitment for this new business venture. So within 90 seconds of watching Peter's facial expressions I was in.
I was not looking for something else in my life... or at least I thought I wasn't???
I was born and raised in Trenton, Ontario and have been self employed my entire life. First in the music biz, and then expanding into the marketing and business consultant sector. With my songwriting partner Eric Baragar I have co-written over 500 pieces of music used primarily commercially, however, we were nominated for Canadian Songwriters of the year in 1986 for one of our traditional tunes. On the marketing and business consulting side, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients over the last three decades so I do feel qualified to revue the ACN opportunity.

Where else can you provide a product or service that every single person already uses everyday for less money while creating lifelong financial growth, not only for you, but also for those people you introduce to and become engaged in the business.

Laura and I have five children between us, I have two daughters and Laura has two sons and a daughter. Laura is also an active acn rep and doing an awesome job of building her business as well as supporting me in mine.

Although I have had an extraordinary life thus far and have been very blessed in both my career and personal life ACN has become my career passion in the last 6 months.

Never before have I seen an opportunity quite like this. Where else can you provide a product or service that every single person already uses everyday for less money while creating lifelong financial growth, not only for you, but also for those people you introduce to and become engaged in the business.
Quite frankly I made a big mistake during the first few months of the business... I was not as COACHABLE as I should have been... I thought that given my biz experience I may have a better way... but now I can tell you that the shortcut to success is following the system to the letter.
I am so thankful to all of my team especially the three team leaders that trusted my judgement enough to initially join me in this venture... Brian Bonter, Nancy Hanna and Mark Bishop as well as the team RPM leadership who have given unwaivering support.

Once you decide to do this... JUST DO IT... don't let excuses and life get in the way of an opportunity of a lifetime. One thing is certain about life... we get to make our choices in life, however we do not get to choose the consequences of those choices. Please do youself a favour and look seriously at this opportunity.

God Bless and Best of Luck

Mike H.Michael Hansen
Team Coordinator

Being part of a great organization like ACN has brought back old memories of when I belonged to a Canadian Service Club called the Kinsmen. At that point in my life we raised money for our small community of Brighton, Ont. The money was raised for things like safe play grounds for children, bursaries for High school students and food baskets for needy families at Christmas. Serving Our Communities Greatest Needs.

ACN has brought into our lives many like minded, team oriented people who share common goals and dreams. These incredible people have become great friends while working together achieving the successes we have all seen along the way. ACN has pulled our immediate family closer together and has blessed us with our ACN family as it continues to grow.

This journey would not be an easy one without family support. My wife Sheila efficiently manages our clinic and effectively balances the duties of the clinic and ACN so that I am able to work with our teams. Our son Branden has incredible people skills and continues to bring people out to the meetings on a regular basis. We are extremely proud of our daughter Jocelynn who just a little over two and a half years reached the position of RD making her the youngest female RD in North America. THANKS to TEAM work , it makes the DREAM work !!!!

When our daughter Jocelynn introduced ACN to us , promising to retire us before the age of fifty, I didn’t think it was possible."

As a Registered Massage Therapist, I am truly grateful to be able to help as many people physically, and emotionally achieve a better quality of life. When our daughter Jocelynn introduced ACN to us , promising to retire us before the age of fifty, I didn’t think it was possible. Hearing the success stories of many great leaders at the International Conventions made me realize that nothing is impossible. More importantly than retiring is being able to help others achieve their goals and dreams. Only then will I truly feel successful.

A huge thank you to my family for their continued support and love. I owe a large part of my success to my daughter Jocelynn for bringing ACN home to us. Passion and determination has gotten her to where she is today, never giving up, reaching for the top. Our TEAMS for their hard work and dedication. Our co-founders for their infinite wisdom and vision. To my ACN family, may you achieve many great things with ACN by your side and may God Bless you on your journey .

Sincerely, Michael Hansen

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